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About Us

The Big Hollow Shooting Range was created in 2009 to provide a safe place for the members of our community to go shooting. We are staffed 100% by volunteers with help from the DWR and Wasatch County. Local police departments use this facility for training and certification throughout the year - we reserve every Monday and Tuesday for this purpose.


Scott was one of the driving forces for cleaning the trash from the area and converting it into a shooting range. He now oversees the training of all new RSO's, as well as provides valuable direction for the direction of the range. Scott also competes professionally in 3-gun competitions.

Derek started as an RSO in 2009 and became the RSO Coordinator in 2010. He has been involved with shooting sports and training for 29 years. He currently works for Summit County Sheriff's Dept and University Hospital as an RN.

Starting the first of 2016, John Chambers is the person that is coordinating all the teams and RSOs to keep the range running efficiently.
Summer of 2023 Mike Parsons took over administrative duties from John Chambers.

John Paul is the Head RSO in charge of training and WEB Site coordination.

Don Fulton Don is the Leader for Team 1. His interests include security and self-defense.

Jim Fugitt Jim is the Mentor for Team 1. He competes in long range shooting throughout the year.

Michael Parsons Michael is the Leader for Team 2.

David Whaley David is the Mentor for Team 2.

Lou Siegle Lou is the Leader for Team 3.

Brandon Boyd Brandon is the Mentor for Team 3.

Ron Gershon Ron is the Leader for Team 4.

Matthew Wilson Matthew is the Mentor for Team 4.